MAC recruits Wonder Woman

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Prepare for a stampede at certain make-up counters in March. MAC has created a Wonder Woman make-up collection and, like the lady herself (in her invisible plane, no less) this writer predicts it is going to fly off the shelves.

MAC is no stranger to quirky collaborations. Past partners have included Barbie, Hello Kitty, Dame Edna Everage and Disney’s Venomous Villains. Now the brand is inviting consumers to take a trip to Paradise Island, courtesy of Wonder Woman and Warner Bros (which owns the rights to the comic book character).


I will admit right now, Wonder Woman was – is – my absolute heroine. Admittedly, the character is inextricably linked in my mind with uber-babe Lynda Carter, who played her in the 1970s TV series. When I was seven I wanted to BE her. You know what? At 40, I still do. And I know I am not alone.

So what’s the appeal? Where to start… I loved her outfit (especially those red boots!). I loved her skills (super-strength, super-speed, super-stamina, super-agility – what’s not to like?). Even her jewellery multi-tasked – I’d take bullet-deflecting bracelets over Harry Winston diamonds any day. Her tiara doubled as a projectile. And as for that Lasso of Truth…now how handy would be that be, eh girls?

Best of all, Wonder Woman could handle herself. She wasn’t some token love interest, cowering in the corner from the baddies while her bloke saved the world. She did all the tough stuff, and she did it looking fabulous in a strapless top and hotpants. Respect.

MAC understands this enduring appeal, and has been canny enough to translate it into a lust-have, must-have line of Wonder Woman make-up products. Like their namesake, they are super-sized. They are colourful. They are bold. They are beautiful. They have names like Heroine, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Army of Amazons and Obey Me. They are presented in the Wonder Woman livery of royal blue, red and yellow and come March, mark my words, they will be difficult to miss.

If the sell-through goes according to plan, they might be difficult to snaffle too. Executives predict the limited-edition line could be snapped up in a fortnight. If the reaction of my Facebook Friends is anything to go by, they might not even last that long.

“Will I go through a cosmetic transformation and miraculously look like Wonder-Woman if I buy it?” mused one of my Friends. MAC isn’t promising that, but we can all dream – and therein lies the true super-power of make-up. It lets us, temporarily at least, be a better version of ourselves.

That’s why this writer will be slapping it on in spades to run her leg of the Moodie Multi-National Marathon in March, ( hoping against hope that some of the namesake speed and stamina will rub off. Can Running Mann turn into Wonder Woman? Watch this space.

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