Magnificent memories from the Land of the Morning Calm

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Writing this at 35,000 feet in the air somewhere over the Baltic Sea en route from Seoul to London, I’m still trying to take in the incredible experience of the past few days at The Trinity Forum.

How does one even begin to sum up the hospitality and the warmth, the grace, courtesy, professionalism and courtesy of the Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) team, led by the redoubtable President and CEO CW Lee?

[With IIAC President & CEO CW Lee at an informal dinner after The Trinity Forum concluded]

How can one in mere words describe the power, poetry passion and precision of the Airstar Avenue-sponsored Korean cultural performance (‘Legend of Flower’) at Wednesday night’s Gala Dinner?

How to possibly distil so many outstanding conference presentations and thoughts into a summary such as this?

They call Korea the Land of the Morning Calm. And it was indeed that sense of serenity that summed up the role of the IIAC in hosting this year’s Forum. Nothing was too much trouble, despite the huge demands of coping with a record first-day attendance of over 500 people, and organisers (Moodie and ACI) who were operating in the lead-up to the event in different time zones (London and Montreal.)

We’ll produce a full report next week. For now it’s a time to sit back and simply reflect on the richness, camaraderie and all-encompassing experience of The Trinity Forum 2012 and to pay our respect to the remarkable Incheon International Airport Corporation.

[A proud moment as I meet Ms Lee Boo-Jin, CEO and President, Hotel Shilla]

[In an astonishing moment, Dubai Duty Free President George Horan unveils a US$0.5 million donation to travel retail industry charity Hand in Hand for Haiti.]

[You could hear a pin drop in a room of 500 people during my interview with Sungjoo Kim, Chairperson and Chief Visionary Officer of Sungjoo Group and the Chairperson of MCM Holding, as she spoke poignantly about her vision for a united Korea]

[IIAC’s dynamic duo,  International Relations Director Mina Choi (left) and International Relations Manager Yulim Lee with me at the end of a highly successful 2012 Trinity Forum]

[From left: Melody Ng, The Moodie Report Asia Bureau Chief; The Nuance Group CEO Europe Andrea Belardini; The Nuance Group President Roberto Graziani; Martin Moodie]

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