Mann and Madonna: the rematch

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There were lights, cameras, video screens, hydraulics, flying drummers, tightrope walkers, cheerleaders, a Basque folk trio, jaw-droppingly gorgeous dancers and a gospel choir. Oh, and Madonna was there too.

Coty’s Markus Stauss and Hilde Van Den Eede, with The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann, at Hyde Park, London

Last night, courtesy of Coty Prestige (Madonna’s fragrance licensee), I re-acquainted myself with The Most Famous Person I’ve Ever Interviewed, at London’s Hyde Park, where Ms Ciccone put on one heck of a show as part of her MDNA concert tour.

‘Inner circle’ is so passé…

There was theatre. There was showmanship. There was entertainment. Madonna sang; she danced; she acted; she performed. For almost exactly two hours the Queen of Pop showcased her MDNA album, plus a fair sprinkling of her back catalogue. She even mashed up Express Yourself with arch-rival Lady Gaga’s Born This Way (not that Coty were complaining; they’ve got Gaga too!).

Madonna gets the MDNA show on the road in London last night

An unexpected highlight was the intensely vulnerable, pared-down version of Like A Virgin, which stood out strongly against the more predictable Madonnaesque mix of sex, violence, religion and politics. The ever-fabulous Like A Prayer and Celebration concluded the show. Son Rocco even put in an appearance.

All in all, it was slick, skilled and spectacular to watch. I still think the cheerleader outfit was ill-advised, but apart from that Madonna didn’t put a foot – or note – wrong all night. Many thanks again to the Coty team for their generous hospitality and great company. And, of course, for yet another memorable evening with Madonna.

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