May the children of Rulin School roam in the sea of knowledge

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These may be some of my favourite pictures of the year.

They come from the Rulin Elementary School near Haikou on Hainan Island, a tiny educational establishment that serves a poor rural Chinese community. As we reported recently, Rulin Elementary was featured during HNDF Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free Shop’s fifth anniversary celebrations last December, attended by The Moodie Davitt Report.

At the event the retailer underlined its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, revealing a long-term plan to support rural education. Rulin Elementary, which has suffered from a lack of resources and urgently requires financial support, was an immediate beneficiary of that stance.

Moved by what we saw, The Moodie Davitt Report pledged a substantial donation to provide much-needed books for the pupils. As the pictures show, they duly arrived, bringing much joy to teachers and children alike.

Together the staff and kids penned a lovely thank you note, which I quote from directly and unedited. It is so sublimely expressed and underlines how sometimes the simplest of gifts can make the biggest difference. Human progress always did begin with education and always will. Able to “roam in the sea of knowledge” (what a beautiful phrase), who is to say that cheekie chappie looking into the telescope below won’t grow up to be a physician, a lawyer, a captain of industry, a teacher? Or what about the little girl gazing intently at the map of the world? What seas might she one day sail, armed and empowered with the priceless gift of education?

Dear Mr. Moodie,

How are you? First of all, please allow me to represent all the students and teachers of Rulin Elementary School to express our heartfelt thanks to you. Thank you for your generosity and the books.

The children in the rural area need spiritual strength to overcome difficulties, and this spirit comes from books and knowledge.

When we got the books from you, all the students and teachers were so excited. We know we can roam in the sea of knowledge, and use it to build our bright future. Through the books, we can see the world. We feel so happy when we read.

What you give to us is not only the books, but also the infinite encouragement and expectations. The meaning of this warm-hearted action is more important in encouragement than in material support. Your generosity and kind help will become enormously powerful in inspiring great enthusiasm for learning by all the students in our school, and encourage them to make more effort to make their dreams come true.

The man who dedicates his love to education is the happiest one in the world. As the recipient, we are so happy to receive such good gifts. With a grateful heart, we will make full use of these books to get knowledge and power. Because of your generosity, our world becomes more colourful!

At the end, we would like to thank you again and wish you the best!

Kind regards,

Haikou Rulin Elementary School


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