Meet Ms Green

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Meet Ms Green.

She’s the latest addition to the M&M’s family (long-time sponsors of this Blog) and she’ll be making her debut across various pages of The Moodie Report in coming weeks.

And what better time to make it than on the eve of the Duty Free Show of the Americas in Orlando, Florida? The heat there might get to a few of us lesser beings, but as the always immaculate, ever sultry Miss Green says, “I melt for no-one,”

While Ms Green is a Moodie Blog debutante, she has actually been part of the M&M’s line-up since 1997 when she became the first (and only) female spokescandy.


Legend has it that she instantly captivated fans of the iconic candy with her luscious lips, slightly suggestive smile and white-hot go-go boots. She may not melt, but those who meet her resemble a cup of hot chocolate within seconds.

Sources tell us that Ms Green is turned on by simple candlelit dinners – just don’t position the candle too close. 

Here’s some further biographical insight into (and provided by) our new cover girl.

Age: Old enough to know better. 

Weight: How dare you! 

Turn-ons: Simple candlelit dinners… in Paris. 

Turn-offs: Men and women who stare. 

Best Attribute: Honey, I can’t even choose. That’s your job. 

Appearance: Beauty of this magnitude can’t be described with words. 

Shortcomings: Can sometimes be intimidating.

Ms Green’s five most famous quotes

1. “Go buy a bag!”
2. “Just look at me…fabulous!”
3. “You gotta work it!”
4. “All you need is something sweet…and that’s me.”
5. “As if you don’t know…”

But what will happen when Ms Green meets – as she will on The Moodie Blog – Mr Blue (below)? Yes he of Moodie’s Blue fame, the ultimate in sax appeal in the travel retail industry…

Will even the notoriously detached Ms Green be able to resist the sound of the Blues?  Especially if he plays something romantic, such as Greensleeves? Or something soulful like the Green Green Mars of Home? Or will it take a certain Beyonce Knowles favourite to get Mr Blue the ‘Green Light’?

Stay tuned.

BLUE WITH SAX 0001_Small

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  • nope if it ain’t Miles Martin Mr Blue ain’t half as cool as he thinks:) Think this is funny..hey if was real cool he’d get Wilby to use his COO and taskforce skills ( hey he managed me.he has skills !!)to persuade the lads on the chasingrainbowstour to do something up KILI!!!