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Colleen Morgan

Colleen Morgan

Colleen Morgan is an Associate Editor at The Moodie Davitt Report.
Colleen Morgan

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As Associate Editor on The Moodie Davitt Report I can be writing about a whisky promotion one moment and a new travel pillow the next. 

It’s relatively rare that I write about airports so when Martin asked me to handle a story on Budapest Airport, adding that he thought it would “resonate”, I was surprised.

A quick read through the first lines of the press release and I still wondered about the resonance.

The release concerned Qatar Airways’ sponsorship of the BUD Runway Run, an innovative charity event which takes place on the Budapest Airport runway on 3 September.

I read on… the charity run is organised in association with, a news and analysis website published by an old friend, the extraordinary Paul Hogan, owner of PPS Publications.

Brontë Hogan (pictured with her father Paul) lost her five-year battle with cancer in 2011
Brontë Hogan (pictured with her father Paul) lost her five-year battle with cancer in 2011

Next paragraph… “all participants will receive Bron medals, named after Bronte Bron Hogan, Paul’s 12 year old daughter who…”

Suddenly I knew why Martin was asking me to write the piece. My eyes filled with tears. Bronte was seven when she was diagnosed with a rare type of leukaemia. My daughter Loukia (Lucy) was also seven when she was diagnosed with an uncommon variety of cancer.

Both girls fighters, both far too young to be hit by the disease. Lucy was given 50-50 odds of beating it and is now a healthy 22 year-old. Bronte fought for five years; she gave it all she had but sadly that wasn’t enough. Bronte passed away in March 2011, leaving her family and friends devastated.

Lucy and Bronte never met but the girls exchanged cards, gifts and greetings. Lucy was determined to keep the little girl’s spirits up and was shattered when I told her that Bronte had passed. 

We had all believed that Bronte would make it. But she didn’t. 

And that’s what the BUD Runway Run is all about; remembering a courageous young girl who didn’t make it and supporting those who continue to battle this horrible disease.

It’s a great idea and I am going to try to be there… to run for Bron.

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