Oh brother where art thou?

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Sadly The Moodie Report Publisher has been unable to make the ASUTIL conference in Aruba which has just begun – the first I have missed for many years.

But most of the delegates are convinced that I am indeed there, according to Lois Pasternak of Travel Markets Insider, who is covering the event for The Moodie Report.

That’ because one of this year’s visitors is Gerrit van Til, Managing Director of Dutch company Sea & Sky Supply.  Gerrit is a highly successful businessman and a great guy who has just one fatal flaw – he is a dead ringer for The Moodie Report Publisher.

Lois takes up the story from day one at ASUTIL 2009: “I understand that people have been going up to Gerrit all day and calling him Martin!”

As noted in a previous Blog at Cannes last year Gerrit and I are so used to our respective mistaken identities that we have taken to calling each other  ‘brother’.

At this rate Gerrit should have a book full of hot stories by the end of the ASUTIL conference, while I am hoping to pull in a lot of sales at Cannes. If the job swap proves lucrative I may seek to make it permanent…


[Pictured (left to right) One of the Moodie van Til brothers (see our Guide below to decide which one) at the ASUTIL conference with Laura Klingeman of Sea & Sky Supply, and Marco Gaviria, VP operations of Miami-based International Cruise Duty Free, Inc.]



(Above) Martin Moodie van Til: New Zealander; media company owner; lousy social golfer.


(Below) Gerrit Moodie van Til: Dutchman; highly successful businessman; excellent social golfer

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