Pitch invasion as Aussies threaten to take over New Zealand

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

How often has the travel retail industry attempted to sel the unsellable? Probably too often for comfort. So maybe we could all learn something from a smash hit new television series in Australia called The Gruen Transfer.

The programme features a section that is indeed dedicated to selling the unsellable. And local sources tell us that the ratings are going through the roof. Each week the producers invite two advertising agencies to compete against one another in selling an impossible notion.

With some relevance to our sector, The Moodie Blog notes that subjects to date have included ‘Make the humble plastic bag fashionable again’; and ‘Showing Baghdad as a holiday hotspot’. 

But hey, what’s this from the latest episode? How to  convince the Australian public that it’s a good idea to invade New Zealand?!!

You heard it here first. And now you can see it – simply click on the link below to see how The Moodie Report Publisher’s fine and humble nation is under threat from those barbarians at the Tasman gate.


What next? Perhaps a commercial arguing that the confiscation of LAGs is fair to the consumer and not a political and bureaucratic nonsense? Watch this space…

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  • Tsk tsk Martin…I dont know why we’d want to invade NZ…there are already more Kiwis living in Australia , than in Kiwi-Land….Sometimes it seems like they have invaded us peace-lovin Aussies…
    Kiwis are the ‘Irish’ of the Southern Hemisphere…they live everywhere except the country of their birth… but spend the rest of their life singing about and extolling the virtues of the motherland…. except the Kiwis, unlike the oirish (and the wonderful Welsh) cant bloody sing!!!
    Ozzi Ozzi Ozzi–Oy Oy Oy