Regaining focus

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m back at home after my second unexpected hospital visit in three weeks.

I’ve been incapacitated for much of the past week, having been operated on last Friday to fix the post-surgical complication that had afflicted me both in Bangkok and immediately after my return to London. I spent my birthday in the Royal Marsden Hospital (the picture below shows me with my elder daughter Sinead and a cake from which we had to remove the candles after being accused of creating a fire hazard), a fine institution but definitely not recommended for celebratory occasions.

sinead and dad in hospital

But during that time the wonders of my iPad. laptop and Blackberry have kept me up to date with industry and world affairs. Naturally my attention has been focused on my hometown of Christchurch, which has suffered horribly from the 6.3 magnitude earthquake of 22 February.

Like all Cantabrians (Christchurch is the capital of Canterbury Province), I have felt absolutely powerless at the turn of events in my city. This beautiful place has been wrecked (up to one-third of inner city buildings will have to be demolished) and its people affected profoundly. Kiwis are stoical, tough people but there is not a man nor woman among them who has not been left devastated by the destruction and loss of life.

The Moodie Report today donated NZ$20,000 to one of the two main earthquake appeals (organised by the Red Cross) and we would be delighted if other industry players could help out too via the addresses below.


1) The Red Cross –

2) Christchurch Earthquake appeal (government) –

Now that I’m back at home I will be able to focus my efforts on both the quake and The Moodie Report.

Sadly, as I recuperate I can’t complete my share of The Moodie Multi-National Marathon this weekend but having raised nearly US$10,000 in personal sponsorship (plus another US$3,000 pledged), I have committed to completing the task within an eight-week deadline. It may not be a fast time but I will make the distance.

I’ve also had to cancel a few long-planned trips in coming months but I am not the hibernating or invalid kind so plan to keep myself very busy driving the company from my original Worldwide Headquarters (also known as the Garden Shed). In the words of the popular pop song, and like all Cantabrians, I get knocked down, but I get up again.

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  • Great song, brilliant chorus! You may be in the GS/HQ but that’s where lots of seedlings get their first chance to grow into something pretty rocking!

  • Hi Martin,

    I’ve been reading your blogs on & off in recent months. On a personal note I’ve found them quite inspiring as my father has also been getting over cancer, he’s been in & out of various hospitals, including the Royal Marsden, for a couple of years overall.

    I hope that you’re well on the road to recovery.

    Can’t believe that Christchurch has taken such a beating, well done on your efforts, all we can do is give in this situation.

    Best regards
    Matt Norman