Rest but no hibernation for The Moodie Report

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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And so… at 9.30 this evening the final edition of The Moodie Report e-Newsletter and 7 Days for 2009 was put to bed.

44 times this year it has been published, always on a Thursday (usually evening London time), making it an integral element of The Moodie Report team’s and – we hope – the industry’s working week.

Of our various media formats – web, print, podcast, video, pdf and e-Newsletter – The Moodie Report 7 Days and e-Newsletter is the toughest to produce. 7 Days averages around 6,000 words each issue (that’s 264,000 words per annum) and the front section is entirely composed on the day we go to press. Writer’s block is simply not an option.

Similarly the e-Newsletter, lovingly crafted by Online Content Editor Matt Willey, is a dauntingly complex assignment in terms of creating hyperlinks, thumbnails and introductions to all the week’s main stories.

So it is with some relief that we come to the end of our 7 Days publishing schedule for 2009 and take around 21 days to start plotting next year’s editions.

In the interim we promise we won’t be in winter hibernation – we’ve got ‘the website that never sleeps’ to maintain through the holiday period and our final edition of The Moodie Report PLUS to produce. But we’re nearly there and holiday mood, as the photo (from Larnaka International Airport) suggests, is tantalisingly close.

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  • Dear Martin,

    Congratulations for this achievement! The Moodie Report is now a very important part of the Travel Retail landscape, and a must read every Thursday.

    In the same way that we now can’t imagine how we could live without cell phones,we can’t imagine now either how we could be at the top of the information without The Moodie Report!

    I wish you and your team a merry Xmas and a wonderful and happy New Year !

    Jean-Michel from Juliette has a Gun (and bullets)
    and from Paris under the snow.