Ronnie Wood strikes the right note with The Moodie Report

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

When writing reports, journalists always like to indicate that a source has spoken to them directly by using lines such as “he told The Times”, “she revealed to Sky News” and so on.

We’re no different – you’ll see (we hope) the line ‘he told The Moodie Report’ hundreds of times during the year. So when we were dining last week at swanky Irish resort the K Club, on the eve of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby, we spotted an opportunity we simply couldn’t miss.

For there, at the next table, was none other than famed English rock guitarist and bassist Ronnie Wood, formerly of The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and, for the past 32 years, a paid-up member of the seemingly ageless Rolling Stones.

Ronnie isn’t ageless of course – he’s 61 going on 19 – but he remains in incredible musical form as his legion of fans, or diners at the K Club that evening could testify.

The pixie-like rocker listened respectfully to the excellent musical performance of the resident Irish musician, at one stage going up to check what instrument he was playing.

As Ronnie was returning to his table, it was time to strike. “So… er… what’s he playing then?” we asked. “Well… I fink it’s a kind of bass mandolin,” Ronnie Wood told The Moodie Report.

There you have it. Difficult to work up much of a story with just one quote but we’ve done our best. As did Ronnie. Five minutes later he jumped up and both startled and delighted the resident musician – and the restaurant guests – by joining him in an impromptu and brilliant acoustic duo.

“Well that made my night I can tell you,” said the local lad as Ronnie headed to the bar when the number was done. Indeed. He can even tell The Moodie Report.

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