Rum and coke or dumb and dumber?

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I suppose as excuses for running drugs go, that of a Guyanese national arrested at New York JFK Airport counts as seriously innovative. But seriously flawed.

Nabbed trying to smuggle a bottle of El Dorado 12yo rum stuffed with drugs inside his suitcase at JFK, the passenger claimed he had purchased the rum at a duty free shop at Guyana Airport.

Now we all know that Caribbean rums can be quite full-bodied but the Customs officer who opened the bottle, noticed “a thick syrup-like substance with a strong odour that appeared inconsistent with rum,” according to Department of Homeland Security special agent Scott Salamon.

A field test of the liquid came up positive for cocaine, according to Salamon.


Well, I guess that’s one way to import (and drink) rum and coke. But I’ll leave the final judgement to one reader who responded to Caribnewsdesk’s feedback forum: “Dumb ass! Liquor purchased at the duty free store can’t be in a suitcase!!! At time of purchase the suitcase is most likely already in the cargo hold of the aircraft. If he takes it off the carousel then puts it in there the security cameras footage would confirm or debunk that story. They need to stop this drug smuggling/dealing/transportation!”

Here’s to that reader. And to the sharp-eyed Customs officer who rum-bled the offender and wasn’t prepared to let duty free, for once, take the blame.