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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
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John in training

About a year after returning to my English homeland, I can reflect more calmly on the mental trauma wreaked by four years of life in Paris, writes John Rimmer.

The City of Lights can be a dark place for an Englishman, or “un Anglo-Saxon” to employ the phrase the locals commonly use. Withering put-downs about our weather, cooking, business practices and sexual prowess were usually accompanied by the kind of sneer that only a Frenchman can manage. Even our repeated successes on the rugby field were not enough to rebuild my shattered self-esteem.

The food, though, was some consolation. Lunch remains sacred in France, and the idea of eating a sandwich in front of the computer is anathema. Even our humble canteen offered a marvellous magret de canard, while my weakness for île flottante became a source of amusement and concern among my colleagues. Fortunately, the afternoon scheduling of strategic meetings meant I was able to take frequent siestas.

Basically, France got me fat, and short of suing the b***ards I had to take action. The Moodie Multi-National Marathon gave me, along with so many others in our industry, the motivation to get off my now planetary derrière and hit the treadmill. Once that torture was over, a new challenge was needed. Not quite ready for a really long run, unless pushed in a wheelbarrow, I opted to sign up for the Asics British 10km London Run in central London on July 10 (click here for details:

With so many worthy causes in need, I decided that my run will benefit the British Red Cross Japan appeal.  I’ve been fortunate to visit Japan on several occasions, and have developed a deep respect and affection for the country and its people. The impact of the earthquake and tsunami in March will be felt for years, with thousands of lives, businesses and ambitions destroyed.

With typical dignity and stoicism, the Japanese are rebuilding their country. But they need help. My own contribution is tiny, but it will count.

Martin has kindly allowed me to hijack the Blog to ask humbly for sponsorship contributions. Any readers wishing to donate may do so via my JustGiving page: just click here: It’s easy and safe to donate, either via credit card or PayPal. Sincere thanks in advance to anyone wishing to contribute.

And rest assured that I’ll be eating a bloody big île flottante on the evening of July 10.

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