Saluting some of the best in the business

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

It’s Autumn here, going on November
I view the leaves in all their splendour
Is it déjà vu, I just can’t remember
I stop a while and take in the scene – Van Morrison, Memory Lane

In fact November is already in our slipstream. Incredibly, we’re into the final month of a year that seems to have raced by like Concorde used to hurtle over the Atlantic.

I think I’ve spent more time on the road this year than I have back at home base in London, all part of an unrelenting mission to nurture relationships and deepen my knowledge in an industry that I never fail to be fascinated by.

Sunday and Monday saw one of my more fleeting visits – by Eurostar to and from Paris for some key meetings with beauty sector executives.

The first was at L’Oréal Group headquarters in Le Vallois, where my colleague Irene Revilla (The Moodie Davitt Report Publisher) and I visited Clémence Johner, Communications Director Travel Retail and Christine Brasseur, Communications Department Manager. The Moodie Davitt Report works with scores of communications and public relations executives around the world, some in-house, many from agencies. As with journalists, standards vary widely. The L’Oréal team is right up there with the best. They’re pleasant, proactive, professional and passionate in everything they do, as well as incredibly hard working, their releases well-written, timely and also backed up by great images and other visual collateral. A journalist’s dream. Thank you Clémence, Christine and colleagues.

Global force: Pictured with me (left to right) against the suitably appropriate world map backdrop at L’Oréal Travel Retail headquarters in Paris are Irene Revilla, Clémence Johner and Christine Brasseur

From L’Oréal it was on to the splendid new offices of Dior at 190-192 Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly Sur Seine for one of the most fascinating interviews I have conducted in years. More of that in coming weeks. Like a good Christmas gift under the tree, it is still under wraps.

Only one more overseas trip left this year then – a quick visit to Doha next week for yet another exciting event at a location that has hosted many (including The Trinity Forum) in recent times – but first I will celebrate with my brilliant team a job well done at our company Christmas party tonight.

While my name and that of my outstanding business partner Dermot Davitt adorn the company, the quality and consistency of our products is equally driven by the men and women whom I am proud to lead, from our longest-standing team members Matt Willey and Sarah Genest (both 2007) to our new 2019 superstars, Head of Design Kiran Ghattaura; Fashion, Beauty & Social Media Editor Hannah Tan-Gillies; International Account Manager Gemma Aldridge; Deputy Administrative Officer Steffi Fernandes; Business Development Director Christina Attwood; and Senior Editor Liam Coleman. Tonight I shall toast them, the best team in the business.

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