Saluting true Kiwi spirit

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
On top of the world: Scapegrace Gold beat over 600 rivals to the supreme accolade.

Now this is a photo to stir the heart of a proud Kiwi publisher and Christchurch boy like me.

It shows New Zealand gin Scapegrace Gold, recently named best London dry gin in the world at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Scapegrace Gold, described by judges as “staggeringly good”, beat over 600 gins from almost 90 countries to take out the supreme award.

You will forgive my unashamed patriotism. We Kiwis are a proud nation. And despite a population of just over 4.7 million (compared with over 25 million sheep), we tend to punch above our weight in the world.

Take Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to climb Mount Everest (along with Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay); take the mighty, all-conquering All Blacks (three times winners of the Rugby World Cup, including the last two competitions and, I’m prepared to wager good money, winners of the next one); take the peerless (and unbeaten) rowing duo Hamish Bond and Eric Murrary.

Heck, I’m even pretty proud that a small Kiwi publishing company founded in 2002 in the face of powerful opposition has become the dominant force in its international field.

The image above shows the latest Kiwi worldbeater set against the backdrop of some famous national triumphs and identities.

Co-Founder Mark Neal says the reason Scapegrace Gold tastes so clean is because of the water used, sourced from a natural aquifer just north of Christchurch.

Ah, Christchurch. My home town. The greatest place on the planet. So here’s a toast to the spirit of Christchurch and of New Zealand. And to a local gin that disproved the belief that Kiwis can’t fly.

Showing true Kiwi spirit: Scapegrace Co-founders Richard Bourke, Daniel Mclaughlin, and Mark Neal.

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