Size isn’t everything

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Having been blown away – quite literally – at the Opening Cocktail last night, this writer was lucky enough to thaw out afterwards at an intimate dinner hosted by L’Oréal at the Hotel Majestic’s ‘La Petite Maison de Nicole’ restaurant.

L’Oréal’s Eric Tarral and Nicolas Hiéronimus were the perfect hosts, tactfully ignoring my windswept coiffure and sandblasted complexion, both courtesy of the Mistral/minor hurricane that had been blowing at the Palm Beach.

Cannes is often known for the staggering scale of its social events, but this dinner (like the restaurant’s name) was a perfect reminder that size isn’t everything.

The eight of us present enjoyed a fabulous tasting menu, some sublime Sancerre, and most importantly of all, a chance to really talk to everyone present, about topics that spanned the buoyant state of the travel retail beauty business, to latin and ballroom dancing, to the little-known delights of socca (a Nicoise speciality made from chickpeas – much better than it sounds, trust me).

I learned much, was wonderfully entertained, and seriously blew my diet. What better way to start the week than that?

Many thanks again to the L’Oréal team for their outstanding hospitality, and for including The Moodie Report at such an exclusive and enjoyable event. I hope we were worth it.

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