Sleepless in Shanghai but tremendous in Trinity

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3.15a.m. – the view from The Moodie Davitt Report Interim Shanghai Bureau. The combination of a body clock in bits and the stress of running The Trinity Forum has done for me. The Nespresso machine in my room at the superb Jing An Shangri-La is working overtime and I have just called room service for some extra pods.

Interviewed for Chinese state television about the key role of duty free revenues to the country.
Welcoming guests to a brilliant Opening Cocktail.

People tend to think because of the reach of our media and the size and influence of The Trinity Forum that we are a big organisation. We are, of course, not. We’re a small team of men and women who believe passionately in what we have built and what we do, and somehow manage an output that often borders on the prodigious. An event on the scale of The Trinity Forum, then, pushes us right to the limit. And, judging by the hour I am writing this Blog, me.

Tireless troupers: Dermot Davitt (I loved hearing one speaker call him Dermot Divot yesterday. My nickname for him, a reference to his golfing prowess, has clearly stuck) and Sarah Genest. What a team I am proud to lead.
Dermot Davitt and I with Shanghai Airport Authority Chairman of the Board of Directors Qin Yun.

However, I may be sleepless in Shanghai but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seeing the Trinity concept that I created back in 2003 take shape is a thrill. Seeing over 500 people from around the world gathered in one room in recognition that the Trinity concept is worth both debating and championing, is deeply satisfying.

To sit on stage and engage with industry leaders such as China Duty Free Group President Charles Chen and Dubai Duty Free Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Colm McLoughlin is both fascinating and rewarding.

China Duty Free Group President Charles Chen lit up The Trinity Forum with a riveting analysis of prospects for Chinese travel retail shopping at home and abroad.

A travel retail legend. Dubai Duty Free Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director Colm McLoughlin has driven the extraordinary growth of a business that turned over US$20 million in its first full year (1984) to one that will bust the US$2 billion barrier in 2018.

Seeking out more retail space? Dubai Duty Free’s future looks to be in good hands.

To view from the podium 500-plus people stand in silence in impeccable observation of a tribute to King Power International Group Chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, so tragically killed last Saturday in an accident, while the poignant tones of Bill Fay’s ‘The Healing Day’ played against a backdrop of Khun Vichai’s photo was deeply moving.

In loving memory: Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Day 1 is done, in around four hours things kick off all over again. I’ve got scripts to write, research to do, so I’ll keep this Blog short. Room service has arrived. Surely their smallest order of the week. “Would you like anything else with the Nespresso refills, Mr Moodie?”

“No, thank you, but can you swap out the decaff for Ristretto (Nespresso’s short, strong version) please?” Give me strength. I need it.