Smile Pinki wins Oscar glory…

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Incredible. Just incredible. As I write, in the early hours of the morning London time, Smile Pinki has just won the Oscar for Best Short Documentary at the 2009 Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The true story of a young Indian girl with a cleft lip and palate, directed by American filmmaker Megan Mylan, beat off strong competition to land the coveted award.

Please read the full background of Smile Pinki below in yesterday’s Blog (below). For now it’s simply time to celebrate not only the film maker’s art but also the work of The Smile Train, which funded the hospital in India that fixed Pinki’s cleft.

Pinki was in Hollywood with her father for the awards (she would have joined Director Megan Mylan on stage but had fallen asleep on her father’s lap during the ceremony by the time the award was announced). She’ll be smiling tonight, as she has been smiling ever since her life-changing operation. But so will everyone around the world who believes in the work of The Smile Train – and that of course includes so many people in the travel retail community

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  • Martin

    A truly fantastic result, this award is as much for you and Nadine and the unbelievable support that you have given the Smile Train and raised not only the awareness in the industry, but also huge amounts of money which most importantly has changed thousands of children’s lives.

    A great night for Pinki, a great night for the Smile Train and I am sure I speak for many in the Industry when a say a huge night for you also; we are proud of you.

    Best Dan