Stranded – the theme of 2010

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

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It’s cold, mighty cold, down in the original Worldwide Headquarters of The Moodie Report (forever known as ‘The Shed’ in the immortal words of former Abu Dhabi Duty Free Managing Director Mohamed Mounib…). London currently resembles Siberia and the bookmakers have stopped taking bets on there being a White Christmas. If this Blog is relatively short it may be because my fingers have frozen to the keyboard…

MM and kids_Small

[The Moodie Report Publisher and his various ‘cub’ reporters enjoy the snow]

The weather has, of course, had a major impact on travel retail. If 2009 will be forever remembered in our industry as associated with crisis, ‘stranded’ is the word that will probably come to mind most when recalling 2010. Certainly it’s true in The Moodie Report’s case, and no doubt for millions of travellers whose lives were so affected by the volcanic ash crisis, industrial action and bad weather this year.

The Moodie Report staff party this week saw numbers reduced from 28 to 16 over a 48-hour period as those abroad (such as Galway-based Dermot Davitt) and even near London struggled to beat the atrocious weather conditions. Online Content & Innovation Manager Matt Willey left Sydney for London via Seoul, got as far as Ulan Bator in Mongolia before his plane headed back to Incheon, while everyone on the team, even those who made it to the party, had their story to tell. I am pleased to say I made it out of the Worldwide HQ…

Dermot had no such luck. Our Deputy Publisher, who has done such a magnificent job this year in stepping in for me during my illness, seems to have spent much of his year in airport terminals bemoaning yet another cancelled flight home. Just don’t ask his wife Michelle to watch a re-run of Planes, Trains and Automobiles. She might not see the funny side.


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  • Dear Martin,

    I must admit your old office looks magnificent and the only missing thing is you and the family standing there to make a lovely Xmas picture.
    Have a very happy Xmas and a prosperous and healthy 2011.