Tales of Shelleys, Sabrage and Sunilage from Hong Kong

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

One of the myriad joys of living in Hong Kong is the sense of travel retail community here. So many companies have their Asia Pacific operations based in the Special Administrative Region that almost every week I have numerous meetings – business, social or both – in Central or Kowloon with brands, agencies or retailers.

Last Monday, for example, I had the great pleasure of catching up with the travel retail team at Bvlgari Travel Retail, who were preparing for the worldwide (travel retail and domestic) mega launch of the Bvlgari Allegra Maxi Shelley at the Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex in Haitang Bay, Hainan, in partnership with China Duty Free Group (CDFG).

The special line of Maxi Shelleys is designed to complement and personalise the exclusive Bvlgari Allegra fragrance collection launched in Haitang Bay in January. Bvlgari Allegra Maxi Shelley combines the Italian brand’s fragrance and silk heritage in a 360° luxury experience at CDFG which offers enhanced personalisation to accessorise the fragrance collection.

Allegra means cheerfulness or joy in Italian and certainly that sense of emotion is evoked by the bright hues and rich textures of the Maxi Shelleys and the vibrant colours and evocative scents of the fragrances. I met Canny Kwok, Managing Director Asia Pacific Perfume Travel Retail together with her Sales & Marketing Director Mendy Cheung and Marketing Manager Clara Wong and was simply wowed by brilliance of the activation and the quality of the collateral that went with it.

(Left to right) Clara Wong, Canny Kwok, Martin Moodie and Mendy Cheung

Four days later the results were there for visitors to Haitang Bay to see. We will bring you some in-store imagery later this week on our main site but for now take a glimpse please at the exquisite showcasing of Italian craftsmanship in the video below.

I ended up putting the finishing touches to that story while taking a hugely enjoyable boat trip with King Power Group (HK) Founder & Chairman Antares Cheng; his daughter Karli, who besides being a key member of the company’s marketing team also produces the best, most exquisitely curated cakes to order in Hong Kong through her firm Arte by Padaria (see my earlier Blog on these most tempting of delights here); Group Chief Executive Sunil Tuli and other members of the King Power team.

Arte by Parduria. Click here to view on Instagram.

As you can see from the photos below, Erin Lillis, Travel Retail Director Asia Pacific at Lacoste, and I were the sad ones with our laptops out but once our respective tasks were completed it was time to enjoy the beauty of the waters and islands off Hong Kong, some great food and wine, and some brilliant company.

Martin Moodie, Sunil Tuli and Admiral of the Fleet Antares Cheng

Erin Lillis of Lacoste and me all at sea trying to keep up with the day job
Korean BBQ King Power-style: Eric and Antares from King Power, Yu Lim Lee

Days like this remind me also of how fortunate I am to be living in what has been pretty much a COVID-free environment for months. Yes, it is frustrating not being able to re-enter Hong Kong without an extensive hotel quarantine and yes we would all love to see the SAR’s tourism business open up as soon as possible. But for now, I will simply count my blessings and enjoy the magnificent diversity of this magical place.

Sabrage is a highly skilled technique for opening a Champagne bottle with a sabre, used for ceremonial occasions. Sunilage, on the other hand is a highly dangerous technique best avoided as this photo, almost the last one of Antares Cheng taken alive, and which resulted in Dom and Perignon becoming separate brands, reveals.
(Above) Captain Tuli takes command and orders a Campari on the rocks
“No, not those rocks!”
Rocks avoided in a replay of the Caine Mutiny as Captain Tuli is relieved of command by Midshipswoman Erin Lillis. Everyone else is relieved too.
“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning”
Martin Moodie, Sunil Tuli, Erin Lillis and Andrew Ford
Marjet de Vlieger Head of Travel Retail APAC at Rituals and Harry Kartasis, Founder and Managing Director at Global Drinks Limited

“I’m just tied up in a board meeting at the moment, I’ll get right back to you,” says Harry Kartasis (above) before joining the Titanic auditions below

Another long day at the office draws to an end
Michael Mims of Lacoste, Stéphane Zermatten of CircleSquare and Marica Zermatten

Martin Moodie, Harry Kartasis, Antares Cheng and Sunil Tuli
Tina Tam, Karli Cheng and Yu Lim Lee
Tina Tam (left) and Yu Lim Lee

Andrew Ford navigates seamlessly from Clearwater Bay to Cloudy Bay

Sai Kung at dusk

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