Test your cask strength: Your chance to win an exclusive ‘All Black’ offer

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Martin Moodie
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Martin Moodie

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Clad entirely in black. Peerless quality, brooding, select, unexpected. A true one-off.

Yes folks, the New Zealand rugby team – the famous All Blacks – have all those qualities and more (you’re certainly in for the unexpected if you get caught on the wrong side of the ruck against them). But despite Rugby World Cup fever taking over here in the UK, for once I’m not talking about the great game with the funny egg-shaped ball. I’m talking single malt whisky.

But not just any single malt whisky. This is The Macallan ‘reinvented’ as its makers have dubbed it, with a smokiness previously unseen in the famous sherry wood-oaked single malt. It’s called Rare Cask Black and it’s launching exclusively in travel retail where it’s likely to prove, just like the All Blacks, smoking hot.

You can read all about it here. Because of its rarity (Rare Cask Black is drawn from a production base of under 100 casks and this will therefore be the one and only bottling), the US$450 single malt will be a true collectors’ item. And we’re offering one lucky reader the chance to collect their own bottle.


All you have to do is answer three simple questions as well as the tie breaker below.

1)      Which high quality, select, exclusive, one-off, clad entirely in black, individual captains the New Zealand rugby team?

2)      Which high quality, select, exclusive, one-off, clad entirely in black, single malt is being launched by The Macallan?

3)      What team will play the All Blacks in the World Cup quarter finals – France, Ireland, Italy, Romania or Canada? (Anyone answering that the All Blacks will not make the quarter finals is automatically disqualified).


In honour of The Macallan’s provenance, what will be the score of the crucial 3 October Rugby World Cup pool fixture between a team clad entirely in The Moodie Report’s traditional colour of blue (currently a very bonny, unbeaten Scotland) and one clad entirely in green (that is currently avoiding Japanese food)? [Update: No, not Ireland as some readers have suggested… South Africa!]

To win, you must get the first three answers right. In the (likely) event of an All Black, sorry all-black tie, the winner will be decided on the basis of a) getting the winning team correct in the tie-breaker (or perhaps a draw?) and b) the lowest total points differential taking both teams’ scores into account.

Send your entries by e-mail to Martin@TheMoodieReport.com (or reply below) by 1 October headed ‘The Macallan Rare Cask Black’.

The judges’ decision (like the All Blacks’ destiny -Ed) is final.

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