The expressions of China’s centuries

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Growing up in a small provincial city in New Zealand, I could never have suspected that one day I would spend my working life travelling around the world and experiencing different countries and cultures.

Perhaps that’s why I have never lost the sense of wonder that I felt in my early days of overseas travel, nor the sense of being hugely privileged by the experiences that the travel retail industry has offered me.

Last night’s Gala Dinner at the ‘China’s Century’ conference in Beijing was a quite magical case in point. Hosted by King Power Group (HK), it was anchored by a sublime theatrical performance called ‘The Moving Forbidden City’ – a show depicting the essence of traditional Chinese culture presented through fashion, art and movement and inspired by the traditional architecture of the Forbidden City.

Words seem inadequate in trying to convey the purity, elegance and sheer fineness of the performance and of the artists. And they simply cannot pretend to capture the innate poignancy and timelessness that the evening carried.

So I’ll simply let the pictures do what I cannot. Look at the poise, balance; symmetry; at the exquisite costumes; and, most of all, of the expressions on the performers’ faces. The expressions not just of one but of many Chinese centuries.

Gala 1

Gala 2

Gala 3

Gala 4

Gala 5

Gala 6

Gala 7

Gala 8


Gala 9


Gala 10


Gala 11


Gala 12

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