‘The media is no longer on it – Haiti needs us’

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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[Picture: Nancy Roc]

Sometimes comment is unnecessary.  This Blog will be one of my shortest.

Last night I received a note from Alexandra Bottrie, wife of The Estée Lauder Companies Travel Retailing Worldwide President Olivier Bottrie.

Alexandra is from Haiti. Though her family are safe and well after the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, she has lost many friends, who in turn have lost many family members.

Her anguish and grief at what has happened to her homeland is immense.


[Picture: Nancy Roc]

But Alexanda is inspired by what her husband’s industry is doing to help the reconstruction effort via Hand in Hand for Haiti.

Last night she wrote to me: “I just read The Moodie Report and I am touched, without words and forever grateful for all that your industry has done and is doing for my country. Things are really bad right now. The media is no longer on it. The aid is starting to slowly disappear. Haiti needs us.”


[Picture: Nancy Roc]


[Picture: Louis-Albert Leveque; The wording on the wall translates as ‘You cannot not be there’]

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