The Moodie Blog adopts ‘the Foxes’

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Given the range of football clubs (and footballing standards) supported by The Moodie Report editorial team – including Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, Sheffield Wednesday and Brentford – it’s no surprise that the sport features large in most Monday morning conversations at our London offices.

Besides checking Crystal Palace’s traditionally subterranean position (they are currently bottom of the league) in the Championship, the first result I always check each week is that of another Championship club, Leicester City.

Known as ‘the Foxes’, Leicester is owned by Asian Football Investments, a Thai consortium led by Vichai Raksriaksorn, Chairman of one of Asia’s leading travel retailers, King Power International Group and one of our industry’s great figures. In turn, Leicester’s Chief Executive is King Power International Group Senior Executive Vice President Susan Whelan (pictured).

How about that for a dual role? Holding down a key senior management position in one of the world’s most successful travel retailers AND running a football club on the other side of the world.  Susan’s one of the most popular and respected executives in our industry and we wish her well in Leicester’s big thrust for promotion to the Premiership this year. So well, in fact, that The Moodie Blog (and Report) are cutting across internal office rivalries and adopting the Foxes this year as our official football team.

[Susan with Leicester City Manager Nigel Pearson]

We’re going to have lots of fun with this, offering some great readers’ prizes and days out courtesy of Leicester City FC, and raise some significant funds for charity.

We’ll bring you some details from Susan and her team soon, but to get the ball dribbling, I mean rolling, The Moodie Report will donate US$50 to charity for each goal Leicester scores during its 46 Championship games this season. If the team wins promotion, we’ll add a bonus of US$5,000. As our cause, we’ve chosen The Moodie Report Foundation, dedicated to funding cancer research and at the end of the season we’ll select a particularly appropriate beneficiary for these specific funds.

[King Power’s  Leicester City store at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport]

So far, in three games (one home win, two away losses), the Foxes have scored four goals so that’s US$200 already in the pot. Teir performance seems certain to improve in coming weeks as the team settles in and they mount a thrilling surge to the top of the Championship table, enabling them to take on the might of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal next season. You read it here first.

More, much more to come, as we track the Foxes on the run.

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