The Moodie Blog: Flemingo juggles its balls

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

more balls than most

‘More balls than most’. That was the multi-meaning theme for an enjoyable cocktail hosted by Flemingo on Monday night for business partners and the press.

Standing alongside an unerringly competent juggler in full flow, Flemingo Director Paul Topping (right) said, while holding (though not juggling) his notes and three balls: “As a company we have about 150 of these in the air at the moment.”

Topping told the extraordinary tale of Flemingo’s rise in recent years and its determination to be a US$2 billion company by 2020 (it will do around US$400 million this year).

To drive that mission, the company is currently putting together a ‘dream team’ of senior management and is actively recruiting a head of food & beverage and a head of inflight.

“We are lean, a bit mean, and going forward to seek opportunities in emerging markets,” said Topping. “We don’t want to one of the pack… and we have more balls than most!”

For anyone who doubted it, all guests were presented with a nice gift pack on the way out. The contents? A set of Flemingo juggling balls.

martin and atul


[Flemingo CEO Atul Ahuja with Martin Moodie]

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