The Moodie Blog in India – Day 2: ‘God’s own country’ – Kerala

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Kerala’s natural beauty is legendary. The state’s official tourism website ( dubs it ‘God’s own country’ and talks of it as a place where “the green, verdant carpets unfold”.

Waking up early and looking out the window from my temporary Moodie Report Indian Bureau at the splendid Le Meridien Resort & Convention Centure in Cochin offers apparent confirmation of such claims. What carpets they are, and they have truly been unfolded as far as the eye can see,

What a sight – lush greenness spread far into the distance; palm trees dominating the landscape like the jungle equivalent of a Manhattan skyline. The nearby river bends like a snake and birds swoop in and out of the thousands of trees.

A lone swimmer does a few early morning laps of the pool below while a hundred yards away from him a motor-powered boat winds it way around the sharp curve of the river.

It’s rainy season here so the greenness is even more acute than usual. It’s a startling and beautiful sight to greet the day here on the south western tip of India.

Frustratingly, I will only be Kerala for a few hours. Shortly I’m heading to Cochin International Airport to spend the day perusing the dynamic retail operation there with CIAL Alpha Kreol. Then it’s a late afternoon flight to Bangalore. But I will be back, next time with leisure, not business, in mind. After all, it’s not often you get the opportunity to visit god’s own country.

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