The Moodie Report pictures come a cropper

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

The photos that people send you to accompany stories featuring them often reveal much about the subject.

There is one well-known, lovable Asian figure in this industry for example who insists we use a photo that we believe was probably taken sometime in the 1970s – not that he has changed that much…

When we broke the news that ex-Aelia Deputy Business Development Director John Rimmer was joining The Moodie Report we duly asked him to send in a better photograph than the stock image we had.

John Rimmer_Small

The photo (above) which arrived is perfectly up to date but it does contain a historic element, one that reveals one of John’s great passions – his beloved West Bromwich Albion football team, newly promoted to the English Premiership and affectionately known as ‘The Baggies’.

Behind him you can make out the headline ‘It’s Albion’s Cup’ – a reference to the Baggies’ triumph in the 1954 FA Cup, when John was not even a twinkle in his father’s eye.

Sadly we had to crop out the background in the official photo (below with fellow Executive Directors Dermot Davitt and Bob Wilby) but we’re sure that readers of The Moodie Report will hear much more about that distant FA Cup triumph in the years to come.


Perhaps our most famous cropped photo is one we still use of Dublin Airport Authority Head of Retail Gerry Crawford, taken at the time Bahrain Duty Free (where he was based at the time) won the Frontier Award for Best Airport Retailer.


The original (above) shows The Moodie Report Publisher giving the lookalike Crawford pate a quick polish for the cameras. As you can see (below), the one that usually appears in The Moodie Report has been artistically modified – though look more closely and you will see unmistakable evidence of the shining process that was taking place…


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