The scent of Scarlett

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scarlett cacharelblogWe try to report impartially about launches on The Moodie Report, but at least one member of the team has a serious soft spot for the L’Oréal group’s latest feminine fragrance from Cacharel, called Scarlett – coincidentally the name of this writer’s elder daughter.

And how fantastic of L’Oréal to a) remember this in the first place and b) to send said fragrance, along with other ‘Scarlett’ goodies, to that daughter, in time for her recent 9th birthday, beautifully boxed, together with a charming hand-written note.

Thoughtfulness on that scale – from a genuine global giant – is genuinely touching, so to L’Oréal, from mother and daughter, a heartfelt thank-you.

Scarlett (daughter not fragrance) still has a smile a mile wide – and I’m also betting the group has just secured itself a customer for life.

The only small problem? Scarlett’s little sister, aged two (going on 22), is feeling left out and has declared that she’d like a fragrance of her own too. Are there any takers out there for an Eau de Alexa?!

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