The sweet smell (and taste) of success?

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Fragrance houses have long collaborated with other sectors such as fashion, jewellery, accessories – even cars – but Elizabeth Arden is advancing into new territory, the confectionery sector, via its latest alliance with singing superstar Mariah Carey and Bazooka Candy Brands, a division of Topps Company.

Arden_Lollipop_BlingThe three-way partnership is poised to launch a new confectionery-inspired fragrance trio, called Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling. The collection was inspired by the “fun and playful nature” of Carey’s marriage proposal – an engagement ring hidden inside a Ring Pop lollipop package (Ring Pop is a well-known brand of flavoured lollipops usually in a ring shape. They have been spotted on the fingers of stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.)

According to Arden, the inspiration for Lollipop Bling, Carey’s marriage proposal, and the brand story will be told in multiple ways. Each fragrance purchase will include a Ring Pop, and the national advertising will feature Carey wearing said Ring Pops on her fingers.

It’s a fun, kitsch project that lends itself well to some interesting cross-promotions and events. Candy-inspired promotions, including a gumball machine gift set and a lollipop rollerball fragrance set, are already planned for this autumn.

We like the fun element of the project – a real rarity in a sector that takes itself ever so seriously most of the time. For the reasonable sum of US$35, fans of Carey and confectionery will receive the fragrance of their choice, and a fun “jewellery” item they can eat once they get tired of it. Genius multi-tasking for the busy girl about town – what’s not to like?!

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