The world of Wi-Fi waits for no man

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Filing a major breaking story on a key Changi Airport duty free concession from a kitchen table in England’s Lake District early this morning reminded me of the incredible changes the digital revolution has brought to the publishing world.

When I meet people for the first time in this industry, I’m frequently asked where I’m based. My reply is often, “At 35,000 feet.” Albeit flippant, that response captures some of the realities of owning and running a digital publishing company. The truth is that I am based on planet Wi-Fi; as long as I have the magic of the internet then I can carry out my job every bit as efficiently as if I was sitting desk-bound back at the company HQ in Brentford.

If you haven’t visited the Lake District, then put it on your bucket shop list. It’s a region of astonishing natural beauty, grandeur and tranquillity. A place to restore one’s equilibrium; sooth the gnawing anxiety of workplace pressures; and remind yourself that gentle pleasures are the richest of all. Unless one of the world’s most important duty free concessions comes up for grabs, that is.

Alas I have left my Lake District locale behind. As I write, my new ‘base’ – my Interim Moodie Davitt Bureau – is onboard a Virgin train from Penrith to Euston. Yes, it, like almost everywhere, has Wi-Fi too. From the Lake District to London in around three hours. Different worlds. Yet one world.

Three days back in London and then it’s on to Moscow, Paris and Zürich, each one set to offer a major feature of a different kind. Meanwhile, the story backlog continues to build faster than a Dubai construction site; the public relations people chasing me daily to find out when their latest client-related material will appear or asking for questions in advance of the next interview. Whether a good thing or not, the world of Wi-Fi waits for no man.

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