Time to Split after a tough couple of days

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After an horrendous couple of days. it’s time to split. As in get the hell out of the UK and as in fly to Split. I’m headed to Croatia for what promises to be a fascinating few days with Seva Duty Free, which is opening its new travel retail border store on Thursday.

After a night’s rest in Split tonight, I’m headed to the company’s bonded warehouse in Ploče, followed by a short trip to Metković for the Grand Opening. Then we’ll cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we will stay overnight, dining that evening at the company’s Rubis winery.

On Friday there’s (just) time to visit the old and fascinating city of Mostar, before the journey back home. Then it’s a whole raft of 18-hour shifts for several days to get our Cannes print and online editions over the line, on top of two e-Zines, a unique special publication (details soon) and of course feeding the voracious website that never sleeps.

And the ‘horrendous’ couple of days? Simple. As my wife and I lay sleeping on Monday night we were burgled. Cash gone. Laptop gone (no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). British passport gone (thank god for my dual citizenship). Car gone. Violation in the middle of the night. Dwindling levels of faith in humanity further depleted. Onwards. Don’t give up. There are many good people in life too. And my plight is nothing compared to the daily hardships faced by millions.

While back at my second home of Heathrow post an emergency visit to the passport office, I took time out to admire the spectacular new Dior campaign (which nicely links the new fragrance to the fashion house) in the departures check-in zone (through JCDecaux).

Regular readers of this Blog will know that I am an aficionado of airport advertising. So much so that we are launching a new e-Zine title, Sight Lines – The Amazing World of Airport Advertising, next month.

I love the drama of good airport advertising and the impactful way that it reaches out to millions of people on the move, what I like to call a crossroads of humanity. I’ll have more to say on the subject in our launch edition a few weeks from now. But my flight is boarding. It’s time to Split.

Footnote: Sight Lines – The Amazing World of Airport Advertising will profile advertising and communication initiatives across the airport world. Each issue will build to a very special culmination in 2019. For details contact me at Martin@MoodieDavittReport.com


The Moodie Davitt Report Interim Split Bureau is officially open. Whereas ship owners traditionally launch their vessels by cracking a bottle of Champagne across the bow, I favour the simpler, cheaper, tastier and less wasteful option of opening a local beer from the mini-bar. And I can tell you that Croatian lager Ožujsko, (produced by Zagrebačka pivovara) the country’s biggest brewer, is a mighty fine drop.

No Champagne moment perhaps but watching the sunset over the Dalmation coast is a pretty sight indeed.