True team-mates

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

The Moodie Report may carry the name of its founder but the organisation is built around a terrific team of people, many of whom I have known a long time.

Events related to my health over the past few months have provided a real test for my team, placing a huge extra burden on several sets of shoulders. None have had to step up to the plate more than Deputy Publisher Dermot Davitt and Chief Operating Officer Bob Wilby, two of the greatest colleagues one could wish to have. 

On top of an already demanding day (and night) job, Dermot (above) has picked up several major projects that I was handling – notably the DFS 50th anniversary book, a Qatar Duty Free supplement, moderating the Airline Retail Conference, and taking over my virtually non-stop travel obligations.

That’s on top of producing our annual Cannes show special issue – which is this year the biggest in our eight-year history. He’s done all that, not only without complaint, but with his trademark excellence.

As for ‘Captain’ Bob Wilby (below), what I can say? All organisations need individuals who keep things ticking over behind the scenes and selflessly provide the ‘glue’ to a company’s many diverse strands and its higher-profile personalities. You won’t see Bob in the public limelight but everything The Moodie Report does ultimately bears his stamp of diligence and attention to detail. He’s an outstanding executive and, like Dermot, a great friend.


Unlike me, Bob and Dermot will both be at the Cannes show. If you see them say hello. Like the rest of my great team, they are every bit as fundamental to The Moodie Report as its founder.

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