Vehicles of distribution

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nivea_busIf you want to get ahead, get a bus. That, at least, is the belief of two major beauty brands – Nivea and Elemis – who are literally taking their product to the people, via the Nivea Skin Science Express and the Elemis Spa Bus, respectively. It’s a channel of distribution that puts a whole new spin on the idea of travel retail, via an entirely new (ahem) vehicle of distribution

But put aside thoughts of your average No 9 to Surbiton. These are classy chassis, where travellers are cocooned in luxury and indulged with treatments. It’s almost a scandal to call them buses. Having seen them, we’d certainly like a season ticket.

These mobile brand ambassadors are without doubt a great way to get product directly into the hand of consumers – and an even better way to entice consumers into the world of the brand. Buses can go where shops obviously cannot.

The Nivea Skin Science Express has gone down a storm at the Dubai Rugby Sevens – who knows how many male consumers it converted (sorry, no pun intended) there?

The Elemis Spa Bus, new this year, will undoubtedly attract a new, younger audience at events such as Glastonbury, where it will no doubt be a welcome fragrant oasis within a miasma of mud (and worse).

Not so much park and ride, as park and pamper. We’re onboard.

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