Watch this space – in every sense

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Not many days at The Moodie Davitt Report during the 16 years have ever been anything less than busy and often exciting. But tomorrow (28 June) promises to be one of the truly engaging days in our history in more senses than one. Firstly, Dermot Davitt and Melody Ng are on location at Hong Kong International Airport to bring you our first-ever live stream coverage of a major store opening. That store is of course Beauty&You, The Shilla Duty Free’s breakthrough cosmetics, fragrances, fashion & accessories store network at the Hong Kong gateway.

It’s a big day for the Korean travel retailer and it’s a big day for those all-important product sectors, let alone for Airport Authority Hong Kong. We’re proud to be there as the exclusive travel retail media and we’re hugely excited and energised by the opportunity to test ourselves with live coverage across both our main digital and social media platforms. Look out for Melody’s and Dermot’s coverage which is kicking off right now on the eve of the big reveal.

If that’s not enough to whet our journalistic appetite, I’m also breaking what I consider to be one of the stories of the year tomorrow (28 June). You may have seen our teaser campaign over the last few days [The Shopping World is about to change…]. The emphasis is very much on teaser – we have been unable to reveal more. But that all changes tomorrow. It’s an important story and we think a potential game changer for travel retail. In every sense then it’s a case of, to use that age-old journalistic parlance, watch this space. Make sure you join us tomorrow.

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