The richest of welcomes to Taiwan

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Martin Moodie
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Martin Moodie

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Nancy and MM at VIP terminal

What a welcome.

As I stepped off the plane at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport after the long, long journey from Heathrow via Hong Kong International, there was my old friend (well, very young friend actually), the delightful Nancy from the Huan Yu VIP Terminal to greet me straight off the plane.

Nancy welcomed me warmly by name, told me she had enjoyed my last Blog from Taiwan, and generally just made all the travel stresses of the past 14 hours disappear with the sheer warmth of her smile.

The VIP facility offers a super-fast customs service, quick-fire immigration and the use of a VIP room (below) and refreshments while formalities are being processed and one’s luggage claimed. It’s superbly well done.


Nancy and her Ever Rich Duty Free colleagues do an amazing job in welcoming visitors to this beautiful country. She and they are gracious in the extreme and nothing is too much trouble. The VIP Terminal itself (I was the only guest this evening) harks back to a golden age of travel, of gentility, of grace. Just like Nancy herself.

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  • Dear Mr. Moodie,

    It was a great pleasure to be of service to you, like always. Lovely photo, by the way. 🙂