When making up is not so hard to do

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that – even if you’re sat at the pointy end of the plane – most people look better getting on a long-haul flight, than they do getting off it. That was certainly the case for this writer en route to the recent TFWA Asia Pacific Show in Singapore, thanks to a first-class makeover by Linda Burns, who was at London Heathrow T5 to promote the long-awaited European travel retail launch of Dolce & Gabbana’s The Make Up, from P&G Prestige.

Linda Burns makes over The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann at Heathrow T5

To celebrate the launch, on 10-11 and 17-18 May, passengers were offered make-overs by Guest Celebrity Make-up Artists Emma Kotch and Linda Burns, who are more used to making up the likes of A-listers Renee Zellweger, Kristen Stewart and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (gulp). Burns arguably faced the challenge of her professional career when I rocked up in my long-haul travel clothes, sans a scrap of slap, ready for a 13-hour flight, but boy, did she rise to the occasion.

In 15 minutes flat, without so much as breaking sweat, Burns completely transformed my face, gifting me a flawless complexion and a modern, smoky eye, while chiselling the kind of cheekbones I could have cut bread with. I’ve enjoyed a lot of make-overs during the years and this was by some distance one of the best, thanks to a combination of Burns’s skills and the quality of the products she used. If there’d been a spare seat on the plane I’d have whisked her off to Singapore with me.

(Dolce & Gabbana face) Scarlett Johansson is probably not too troubled…

Instead, I had to make do with the next best thing: a customised list of all the products and shades Burns used – a nice touch which has no doubt helped to drive sales during the promotion. If only WDFG could have bottled her talent too, my spend would have been stratospheric.

I celebrated my new look with a little retail therapy (it would have been rude not to), an Elemis massage and a glass or two of fizzy pink – both courtesy of the BA Lounge. Consequently I boarded my flight looking, and feeling, like a million dollars. Alas, when I disembarked, the sum in question was closer to a couple of quid. But heck, it was fun while it lasted.

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