When Martin met Martyn

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

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Ok, he doesn’t know how to spell his first name properly, but otherwise you have to say that Mars International Travel Retail Manager UK and Ireland Martyn Westbury is a guy that gets just about everything right in this business.

Not only is he one of the most respected brand executives in the UK/Ireland market but he’s also one of the trade’s truly good guys, always the first to step up to the mark to support a charitable cause.

So it was with immense pleasure that I bought him lunch today in London to celebrate our mutual escapes from the clutches of serious illness in recent months. Mine has been well-documented, while Martyn (as mentioned in a previous Blog) was struck down by a heart attack late last year while on a work trip in Mumbai, India.

Fortunately, he was well looked after by wonderful colleagues (take a bow Stuart Bull and Rajiv Hira) and great Indian medics and has bounced back in style.

With me feeling very near close to 100% again, almost a year after my cancer diagnosis, it was an occasion to celebrate life and friendship.

I suppose it was well into the second bottle of wine when we both raised a glass and simultaneously (but impromptuly) came out with the words “To your health”. Never was a mutual toast more appropriate.

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  • From one Martin to 2 others :

    It’s great to have you both back in action

    I think Edgar Allen Poe might have got this one covered for you both ;

    Thank Heaven! the crisis—
    The danger is past,
    And the lingering illness
    Is over at last—
    And the fever called ‘Living’
    Is conquer’d at last.