Who will be the Boss at Rugby’s World Cup?

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Martin Moodie
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What’s a girl about town to do ? Especially when she has an acute sense of fashion (and the responsibility of championing one of its great names) and when she’s stuck for a choice of outfit for one of the great social occasions of the year?

Followers of rugby – and there are many in our industry – will know that the final of this year’s World Cup will take place on the Saturday night that begins TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

An informal grouping of industry rugby players and rugby followers is planning an informal get-together in Cannes to view the big match (details coming soon on The Moodie BLOG). But there is one pre-condition – each attendee must wear the national colours of their country’s rugby team.

For most of us that’s simple enough but for the aforementioned female follower of fashion – Hugo Boss Head of Travel Retail Worldwide Nadine Heubel – it’s not quite that simple.

“My parents are both German and I don’t think that we have a rugby team at all,” she wrote in a plaintive e-mail to fellow guests at the Cannes gathering. “I think the Germans don’t even know how to spell rugby. What shall I do? Which nation might adopt a poor little German and allow me to wear its national rugby jumper?”

Offers were quick to come in. Well-known industry Welshman, ex-leek farmer Alan Edwards, still reeling from his nation’s 62-5 defeat at the hands of old enemy England on Saturday, graciously suggested that Nadine would look best in the England kit (pictured above), before rather ungraciously adding that it was suited to girls.

But others were not so sure. There was just one hue for Heubel insisted Aer Rianta International-Middle East Managing Director – and Irish rugby aficionado – John Sutcliffe.


“There is only one shirt that you will feel comfortable in and that’s mine,” said the Tipperary man, a famously neutral (and excellent) rugby referee but completely biased when it comes to the virtues of the magical men from the Emerald Isle.

“I know that as a dynamic, sexy, ambitious young executive that you would only want to be associated with winners, and that is exactly what Ireland is – a ‘winner’,” he wrote. “Come on you boys in green!”

Or in this case girls in green. But we decided that as every female fashion icon chooses from at least four outfits before hitting the town, Nadine should be offered some more alternatives.


Surely given the image of the power-dressing Boss woman, she should be seen in Black, the colour of the world-famous New Zealand 15 – the all-conquering All Blacks? From a team that The Moodie BLOG confidently predicts will truly boss the latter stages of the World Cup, the choice of attire seems a Nadine natural.

But wait… what about the Welsh, so famous for their own wooly (if not line-out) jumpers? If Nadine really is intent on moving from her native German attire to pastures new, what better field to choose from than the land that were such lambs to the slaughter at Twickenham last weekend? One thing is for sure – with Nadine in the Welsh uniform (below), spectators from all nations will be flocking to see her.


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