Why I love Changi Terminal 3

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 ranks right up there among my favourite airports in the world.

This week I flew out of T3 en route to Christchurch, New Zealand (my home town where I’m staying prior to taking in some World Cup rugby in Auckland over coming weeks). And as usual it was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

The landside check-in area sets the tone. It’s spacious, relaxed and well sign-posted.  The airport company constantly talks to its consumers, as in the excellent communication on LAGs below.

Changi Airport Group also makes great use of space, with big bold advertising executions to the fore such as the Estée Laude visual below.

You know you’re in Asia too. There are palm trees, a butterfly garden and a wide range of locally themed retail and food & beverage outlets. I love the dramatic ‘Green Wall’, a five-storey high vertical garden spanning 300m across the main building, which embraces the Arrivals and Departures halls.

I shopped in the Valiram fashion store (above) for a Shanghai Tang item, getting fantastic service. The same was the case in the excellent Nuance-Watson store where I embarked on a spending spree for friends in New Zealand that would have surely have brought a smile to Ken Tse’s face.

[Service par excellence: The Moodie Report Publisher with Jenny Lei and Haslinda in the Nuance-Watson Singapoer perfumes & cosmetics store]

[DFS and Belvedere vodka interact with consumers]

There’s an outstandingly diverse shopping offer and the food & beverage proposition is much better than during my last visit, offering a nice mix of international, regional and local cuisines and some nicely laid back outlets such as the Tiger Bar, where I took a chilled beer prior to my flight.

I loved the Cocoa Trees confectionery outlet (below), as vibrant a store as I have seen in this category, absolutely bursting with colour and excitement.

T3 is everything an airport should be – efficient, accessible, easily navigable and full of consumer services, both revenue-generating and otherwise. I can’t wait to be back.

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