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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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Sometimes, often in fact, the travel retail sector restores your faith. 

After the recent riots in London made one despair for the human condition, it was uplifting to hear from two industry executives over the past week who delivered notes of great kindness to Moodie HQ.

The first came from Stuart Bull (above), the long-time ‘Mr Mars’ of travel retail. Responding to the compelling interview in The Moodie Report’s new e-Zine with Aldeasa-WDF’s Fraser Dunlop (pictured below) – the man who overcame “incurable and inoperable” cancer (and a 1% chance of survival) – Stuart wrote to both Fraser and me: “Gentlemen, I have just read the first episode of ‘The Survivor’s Story’ in the Moodie e-Zine. It is an amazing story, that gives hope to everyone suffering from this terrible disease, written in a sensitive and understandable way.

“I have been a supporter of Cancer Research UK (CRUK) for nearly all of my adult life following my own father’s death from cancer, so I am delighted to see the exposure given to CRUK and (cancer drug) Herceptin.

“This story puts into perspective our day-to-day lives and really shows just what the important issues are.  I have not known you Fraser for long but you are truly an inspiration. Today I shall send an extra cheque to Cancer Research UK to re-affirm my support.”

Then, from the marvellous UK Travel Retail Consortium, whose list of good deeds would fill many a book, came a letter from Chairman Jan Kristiansen Binder, who enclosed a cheque for £2,151.38 made out to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (the Royal Marsden is the epicentre of cancer care in London and the hospital that treated me with immense care and kindness through much of last year).

I’m also donating a sum equivalent to 25% of advertising proceeds from that launch edition to Cancer Research UK, so it’s nice to see Fraser’s unrelentingly tough experience being channelled into something so positive for others.

The Consortium is currently planning its 40th anniversary party, due to take place on 21 October. It’s set to be quite some event and, as ever, a good cause will benefit. This time around it will be The Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity, an organisation that has benefited much from our industry’s patronage.

Jan reports that a raffle or tombola will be held, with all proceeds going to the charity. If you would like to help the UK Travel Retail Consortium’s efforts please e-mail Jan at jan_kristiansen-binder@cotyinc.com

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