Monitoring the pressure

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

As the workload builds remorselessly at The Moodie Report offices in the unseasonably early run-up to the Cannes show (which takes place in September this year rather than the traditional October slot), I took more than a passing interest in new products on the market from Omron Healthcare.

At the recent ASUTIL show in Mexico the company, a leader in its field, unveiled the latest models from its blood pressure monitor range.

With the trend towards health, wellness and a growing awareness of hypertension risks and the need for home blood pressure monitoring, the digital blood pressure monitors market is growing at a faster rate than most categories, Omron said.

Global statistics cited by Omron show that one in three adults (and, we believe, three out of three journalists) has hypertension, and with doctors recommending that these patients measure their blood pressure daily, the company believes that the demand for home blood pressure monitors will continue to increase.

Certainly the demand may rise here at Moodie HQ. With The Moodie Report e-Zine being launched earlier this month, followed by new title The Foodie Report on Friday, another major digital development on 1 September, and our biggest-ever Cannes print edition closing in early September, the current working shifts are rocking around the clock more than Bill Haley & the Comets ever did. Send samples please…

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