A deep breath before a wild week



The Moodie Report team has once again taken up residence  in our Riviera apartment opposite the Palais, as Cannes prepares itself for TFWA World Exhibition 2010. As the picture shows, the finishing touches are being put to the facade of the Palais for this year’s event, as Sunday night’s opening draws near.

Arriving here on Friday offers the chance to take a deep breath before the hugely busy week that lies ahead. You still have the pick of the restaurants, the footpaths are easy to navigate, and getting a drink in Morrison’s Bar when the queue isn’t three-deep makes a pleasant change.

Today comes one of our highlights of the week: the Moodie MIS-HIT golf tournament, where we say thank you to many of our friends in the industry for their  support during this year, and over the eight years since we started our journey.

We’ll report on that event later. For now, a strong coffee, a fresh baguette and the view from our balcony over the French Riviera are calling.

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