A hands-on approach to quality control

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


How should one best sample caviar? With onions? Sour cream? Parsley? With vodka?

Answer? None of the above, according to Caviar House & Prunier President and CEO Peter Rebeiz who led a masterclass of caviar appreciation during a recent press conference in Paris to celebrate the company’s new travel markets distribution agreement with SSP.

“If any caviar requires such garnishings it is simply bad or too old,” Rebeiz insists. He should know – his family has been involved in the caviar business for 57 seven years and is the world’s biggest importer and distributor of the famed ‘black pearls’, including the company’s owned Prunier caviar farmed near Bordeaux.

So back to the question. How to best taste the exquisite gastronomic gems? Straight from one’s hand, says Peter (pictured above showing the technique he personally developed). And to prove it, his top man in France Jean-Pierre Esmilair , led the press contingent through an extraordinary tasting of the full Prunier range, all taken au natural (and in extravagant quantities), including the delectable ‘Paris’ line, served within days of being taken from the sturgeon.

Some, not all, of the attendees took to it like sturgeon to water. None more so than Susan Gray, SSP’s superbly proactive and capable Client Relations Director. She’s also famous for her ‘hands-on’ approach to her work. And now we have the picture to prove it. 

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