Patrick comes up Trumps

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Patrick Nilson has been around the drinks industry for a long time but he may just have come up with his towering achievement.

The former Seagram duty free executive has made a big hit out of his independent drinks agency business Haleybrooke International, representing a diverse array of spirits and wines with distinction -and considerable success.

His latest line is Trump Super Premium Vodka – named of course after US billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, the vodka is positioned at the high end of the market. No way would the American tycoon have his spirit inhabiting more lowly, standard surroundings.

Trump – the vodka not the man – is made in The Netherlands, from a distillery that began production in 1631, roughly as many floors as you’ll find in Trump Towers.

But there are no flaws whatsoever in Trump Vodka, insists Patrick. And given his impeccable track record in the industry, we’ll drink to that.

Helped by the surging popularity of the Trump phenomenon – driven by the success of the tycoon’s reality TV show The Apprentice, it looks as though Patrick may be on a winner. In fact you could say that he’s really come up Trumps.

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