A MOmentous MOvember result for MOtivated Mark Riches and WDF team

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

A few weeks back The Moodie Blog brought you news of the ‘MOvember’ fund-raising campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

The month of MOvember – formerly known as November – is the period when men grow MOustaches to raise funds to help research into and visibility for this terrible killer of men worldwide.


WDF CEO Mark Riches (pictured above breaking the news to The MOodie Report Publisher Martin Moodie), traditionally clean-shaven and dapper, haired off (or on) in hirsute support of the campaign – along with several members of the WDF team, all bristling with determination.

When fund-raising closed last night Team WDF had raised a spectacular £12,810.38 for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

What’s more, Mark Riches had achieved fourth place in the individual rankings of all UK participants (with an incredible £9,143). “An impressive ‘growth initiative’ by any standard,” said a proud WDF spokesperson.

Mark Riches commented: “MOvember is about bringing the moustache back and having some fun for a very serious cause – prostate cancer.

“WDF is delighted to have been able to support this very worthwhile cause and raise such a substantial sum for the charity. We are hugely grateful to all those people who were coerced into sponsoring this initiative and gave so generously to the cause. We salute and thank them all.”

Well done to Mark and all his colleagues. Now the 64 million stubbles question – will he shave it off?

Wife Britt and Mark’s magnificently named PA ‘Mo’ Joseph are rumoured to be steering him back towards the clean-shaven look but what do you, the industry think?

Should this razor sharp executive follow his brain – or his Braun?

Whatever the answer, a whole lot more people now know about prostate cancer than they did a month ago. The Moodie Blog says bravo to all the bearded ones at WDF (pictured below).


[Left to right: Mark Sowerby, Padraig Drennan, Rob Lang (cut out), Mark Riches, Jonathan Kelsey (cut out), Finn Lawrence, Steve Evans and Dale Bruno

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