Made in Germany


With over 11 million hectares of woodland, Germany is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe. Now, one more tree has taken root – in the heart of the new Heinemann Duty Free store at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1B.

Aside from unveiling the Heinemann Duty Free branding at Frankfurt last week, the retailer also revealed a memorable new Regionals zone – a themed area featuring German destination goods – housed in a beautifully constructed wooden installation that reflects the country’s great forestry heritage.

The installation rises up through the centre of the shop, and fans out like the branches of a tree, branches that also operate as an innovative shelf scheme. Around it, across the floor, lies a design reminiscent of scattered leaves.


The zone houses wines from the Mosel region, marzipan from Luebeck, Frankfurter sausages and Apfelwein from Hessen and even breakfast trays featuring German designs.

“Just think of the Back Forest, Grimm’s Fairy Tales or even the German oak [tree] and all are images and stories associated with our country around the world,” notes Bebe Branss, who headed the design project for Gebr Heinemann. [The space was designed by Graft Architects]

It’s a design that catches the eye from everywhere else in the store. It’s also one that will that live long in the memory of travellers after they have forgotten the fixtures of the many global brands in the same outlet. The new Heinemann Duty Free brand is all about creating surprise – and with this woodland glade set in an airport, the German travel retailer has delivered that with interest at Frankfurt.

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