Absolut Trinity at Changi

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“Who was that masked man?” Most readers of The Moodie BLOG won’t be old enough to remember the familiar words repeatedly asked about the hero of ‘The Lone Ranger’ – the fictional 1960s television and movie cowboy hero, always accompanied by his faithful steed Silver and his American Indian sidekick Tonto.

So in keeping with our modern times, we will instead present a new masked man, none other than Marc Fogtmann, the dynamic V&S Absolut Spirits Area Manager for Middle East, Asia & Pacific Global Travel Retail. But instead of masking his identity, Marc was simply previewing a major Absolut vodka promotion in travel retail later this year – one that he promises will be the biggest party to ever hit duty free, a masquerade party.

“This winter travellers worldwide will meet an Absolut that is dressed head to toe in a special costume,” he said during a decidely avante garde client and press conference at TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore last week. “And we’ll entertain passengers with the masquerade theme at airports everywhere.”

If the last Absolut travel retail party is anything to go by, it should be some celebration.

At last week’s gathering Fogtmann proved he was no lone ranger, by paying warm tribute to the brand’s partners at Singapore Changi Airport – DFS Group and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) – for their contribution to the most successful Absolut travel retail campaign of all time, and to distributor Maxxium for its crucial role in the success.

That was for the (initial) travel retail exclusive Absolut Disco, which featured in a major high profile promotion at Changi. Space outside the DFS store was converted into a 70s-style dance floor and passengers were encouraged to participate in disco-dancing competitions.

The picture below shows Marc with Lim Peck Hoon, Director (Commercial) of the CAAS and John Hoover, DFS Group Vice President Global Merchandise Manager Liquor and Tobacco, celebrating this tri-partite success.

We love photos – and stories – like this. It shows that the ‘Trinity’ can and does work when all parties are equally committed. This one ticks all the Trinity boxes, driving revenues for all three players and in the process providing the consumer with theatre, fun and lots of incentive to buy.

The Absolut executions at Changi have been consistently top drawer – a tribute to all the parties named above, as well as to Maxxium.

Absolut, of course, is changing hands – becoming part of the Pernod Ricard stable – but that won’t get in the way of many more parties at Changi and other airports. Whether it’s Disco fever, life as a masquerade, or new flavour Mango swamping the shelves, Absolut is putting all the right sort of spirit into travel retail. 

As mentioned, The Moodie BLOG (below) was on hand to attend the celebration. And we were in the company of a much-respected industry individual. Now who was that masked man (right)?

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