Assessing the shop window effect in airport retail

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Travel retail executives often talk about the ‘shop window effect’ of airport retail but what is your favourite actual shop window in the channel?

Shop window displays, like airport advertising, have always held a trainspotter-like fascination for me. I’ve long considered Hermès just about anywhere to be best-in-class but there are plenty of rivals. Over coming months I’m running a competition to identify the best shop window visual merchandising in airport retail, featuring the various selections and culminating in a year-end top ten with a grand prize to the winner.

But I’m not going to do all the work – or all the judging. Send me your nominations via e-mail to

Here’s a couple of my favourites to get the ball rolling. Smythson in the run-up to Father’s Day at London Heathrow Airport T5 and right next door Fortnum & Mason. Fun. Enticing. Lovely. And cool. In fact, in Smythson’s case, Daddy Cool.

Shop window 1

Shop window 2

Shop window smyth

Shop window smyth 2

Shop window Smyth final

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