Kicking up a (Brand) storm in Paris with L’Oréal

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Martin Moodie
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Martin Moodie

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“The Ultimate Business Competition since 1992.” No, we’re not talking European duty free since the European Commission tried to scrap the business that year (finally succeeding in 1999) but a tremendous, long-running innovation by French beauty products giant L’Oreal called Brandstorm.

Brandstorm is L’Oréal’s unique business competition for students globally to unleash their creativity and apply ground-breaking ideas to one of the group’s international brands and distribution channels.

Since 1992 Brandstorm has given over 70,000 students worldwide the possibility to work on real-life challenges and be coached by top L’Oréal executives.

I’m here in Paris to witness the finals of this year’s event, which for the first time is dedicated to travel retail. How did some of the world’s brightest young minds go about the challenge of creating an “unforgettable retail experience” and turn passengers into shoppers?


We’ll find out soon enough. The 45 winning national teams from all around the world are gathered here to make their presentations and to discover who has won the top three prizes.  It should be an amazing and exciting evening. Just as excitingly, the winning entry will be presented at The Trinity Forum in Hong Kong on 16-18 September. Our sector needs constant challenging and a never-ending injection of new ideas. Brandstorm will provide exactly that.


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