Bringing Brazil (and good old gallantry) to Cannes

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Casa SagatibaThe innovative “Casa Sagatiba” which made its debut at last month’s TFWA Exhibition in Cannes proved to be a real hit among the industry.

By day a base for the Sagatiba brand, by night an exclusive, Brazilian-style lounge bar and garden, the venue offered invited guests sophisticated Sagatiba cocktails, music and an authentic Brazilian BBQ.

Casa Sagatiba2

The Moodie Report, along with a wide selection of leading liquor buyers and retail executives, greatly enjoyed the hospitality on offer during the week.

And we must say a special, heartfelt thank-you to Global Brand Ambassador John Gakuru who, at the end of a very long night, came to the rescue of this writer – who simply couldn’t get her Azzaro stilettos back on her show-swollen feet – with a beyond-generous lift in the Sagatiba Shuttle back to the door of her hotel.

‘Cachaça’, great music, fabulous company and proof that chivalry lives on. If you manage to bring some Brazilian weather with you next year, be warned, we may never leave.

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